Hugin Universal Phone Mount - User Manual


Universal Phone Mount (UPM)

by Vertebrae / Ks3d

Hugin MkII overview 

The HUGIN MK2 UPM is an adapter that enables taking pictures and videos through your spotting scope or binoculars using your smartphone. The design will fit most smartphones and all spotting scopes/binoculars with ocular diameter up to 50mm. The HUGIN UPM is designed to support both conical and angled oculars. Using the quick detach functionality, the user can quickly attach and detach the phone from spotting scope or binoculars as needed.

The HUGIN MK2 UPM is designed and developed by KS3D in cooperation with Vertebrae AS. The system comes with a 5 year warranty. Please contact Vertebrae AS at if you have any questions about the HUGIN UPM system.


Hugin MkII Detailed View

1 Upper phone clamp                                       5 Adjustment nut for ocular clamp

2 Lower phone clamp                                       6 Stopping handle for phone

3 Locking nut for clamp and phone position       7 Adjustment set screws for ocular

4 Ocular clamp

Setup and adjustment of the phone clamp

Place the phone in between phone clamp(1,2) and adjust clamp distance and clamp force by loosen screw (3), then align clamp height so that the phone can easily be slid in between phone clamps while being in center of the HUGIN frame (9). Adjust the phone stopper (6) so that the camera is in center of the HUGIN frame. The HUGIN MK2 UPM is now adjusted to your phone.

Attaching HUGIN to spotting scope or binoculars

Hugin MkII Phone Clamp

Use the set screws (7) to Clamp HUGIN gripper mechanism (4) to ocular so that HUGIN frame is in center of ocular, then tighten gripper nut (5), do not over torque this nut. The HUGIN MK2 UPM is now preset to your bonocular or spotting scope.

Attaching and detaching the phone clamp

Hugin MkII Detach and attach

Attach HUGIN to UPM by first tilting UPM upward 20 degrees, insert UPM into HUGIN and tilt downwards until it looks into place.