Vertebrae Fusion Bipod - User manual

Vertebrae Fusion Bipod - Try the difference.

Get precision and stability without weight penalty. Made from aluminium and carbon fibre, the Vertebrae Fusion Bipod will give you the precision of a true long-range bipod combined with the low weight of a hunting bipod. 


The Vertebrae Fusion Bipod is made for use with Versa-Pod spigots, and you will need one on your rifle before you can use the Fusion. Vertebrae carries many solutions to suit your stock model. Yes, you can go from Picatinny to the Fusion bipod with a simple adapter. This gives you the added benefit of cant/ angle adjustment inherit in the Versa-pod spigot.

Just click the bipod onto the Versa-Pod spigot and you are good to go! 


The Legs have an angle of 60 degrees, giving you a wide stance and a low starting position with 14,5cm from the centre of the spigot point to the ground, extending to 23,5 cm with legs all the way out. The legs can be moved in 1cm steps. The feet are easily exchanged between spikes, cleat feet, skis or rubber feet. This allows you to get a perfect grip on any surface. 


The Bipod is made to resist the most demanding conditions, but maintenance is even so necessary to give the unit a long service life.

  1. Sand and gravel should be brushed of or even washed off with light soap and water. It may act as an abrasive to the surfaces.
  2. We use White Lithium Grease on the moving parts as it provides protection and lubrication and has excellent ability to stay where it needs to be. Apply sparingly and wipe of excess grease.
  3. The springs inside the lower legs may be inspected most easily by expanding the legs and releasing the spigot/ rubber /cleat/ snow/ claw feet by either depressing the plunger or slightly backing in the set screw on the spigot feet.  The spring is made of stainless steel, but it can be beneficial to wife of dirt and cover it in oil with good adhesion. I prefer grease. 


  • Weight: 466 grams with rubber feet
  • Weight: 508 grams with steel spike
  • Weight: 479 grams with ski feet
  • Adjustable height range: 14.5 cm - 23,5 cm
  • Material: 7075-T6 Aircraft-grade aluminium and carbon fibre 


Make sure the copper tipped friction screw is not screwed into the spigot hole when connecting bipod and spigot, tighten it only to restrict the rotational movement. Wipe or blow of water and debris and you will have a long service life.


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