Vertebrae Frequent Shooter Points

Frequent Shooter Points (FSP) is Vertebrae’s reward programme for our customers. Our intention is to reward our customers and fans by giving them FSP on their purchases, taking a bit of the sting out of forking over the equivalent of a small family car for a rifle scope.

1 FSP equals 1 NOK, and you may use FSP to pay fully or partially for any purchase. You can earn FSP in several ways:

Buying stuff

We used to have a lot of different discounts, coupon codes and special deals. This was obviously unfair, as some people got discounts and others had to pay the full price. We believe it should be fair for everybody. So now, instead of discounts or coupon codes we make it simple: For every 100 NOK (or equivalent in any currency) spent in our store, you earn 15 FSP. Please remember that you don't earn points on orders you fully or partially pay with Frequent Shooter Points. 

Joining us

You receive 50 FSP when you create your account in our store, as a welcome to Vertebrae kind of thing. Oh, and if you enter your birthday as well we might give you a present once a year.

Please remember to also join our newsletter, you’ll receive another 50 points for that. We promise not to spam you with a lot of boring Black Friday supersaver deals. Instead, our newsletter is about new products, articles about hunting, longrange shooting or other shooting sports.  

Vertebrae Referral Programme

We want more people to know about the existence of Vertebrae. While we could give all our money to a marketing agency and tell them to pepper the internet with ads, we believe it is better to give our customers money to do it instead.

Refer your friends to us, and you receive 50 FSP for every signup. You can find our referral page here: You can refer friends by entering their emails or by sharing the referral link. For every new user we get through your referrals, you get 50 FSP. Oh, and the icing on the cake? For every 5 of your friends you referred who order at least once, you receive a whopping 500 points!

If you share or like a product on Facebook you earn 15 points per product. Same with Google+ and Pinterest.

Product reviews

Do you have an opinion on our products? Did it work brilliantly or perhaps it was a piece of utter junk? Write a review of a product and receive 50 points, even for the bad ones!

If you have any questions regarding Frequent Shooter Points, feel free to get in touch. We love getting feedback on this, especially since it is supposed to be great fun for all our customers. In the same vein, we reserve the right to deduct points or suspend your account if you have found a loophole and exploited it, abuse our reward programme or otherwise play silly buggers with a programme that supposed to be beneficial for everybody. 

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  • 20-May-2018